Why I stopped making videos (Because I got Fat)

After years of hard training and and working full time as a Strength and conditioning coach i worked my body to a point of breaking where my thyroid stopped working as efficiency and started to break down.

I no longer felt Strong, Happy or Healthy enough to continue my videos.. but after 6 months of an up and down rollercoaster i am finally on a natural hormone and am on the journey to getting my body back.

Stress is one of the most vicious and under rated poisons for our bodies.
We can put our body in stress through a variety of ways. Through work, family, exercise, bad foods, environment, pollution, antibiotics and other drugs.

I spent 6 months digging myself a hole, blaming myself for my overnight weight gain. The day i found out that it wasn’t 100% in my control was the first time i sincerely smiled in months.

I have tracked my thyroid triggers too a few different events that overlapped within a 6 month period.

Stress: Going though a breakup, going in and out of court and working in two different gyms + creating video content daily.

Overtraining: I was training Jiu jitsu 3-7x a week and lifting weight 4-6x a week.

Under Sleeping: I was getting between 4-7 hours sleep on an average night

Under eating: Since i was trying to loose weight i was eating around 1500 cals a day which wasn’t enough for how much i was training.

Antibiotics: i took two runs of antibiotics within a 3 week period 2 fight two infections.. this would have made a huge impact on my gut bacteria health.

When i look at what i was doing now i can see exactly where i was going wrong but in the moment i thought i was doing everything right. I was training hard at 2 sports, i was eating healthy and trying too loose body fat and i was working hard on building up my business.

Now i am on a new journey.. One of balance.
If Im feeling tired or run down i don’t train.
I don’t let myself go hungry
I am in bed before 9pm
and the second i feel stressed i take a step back and remind myself why that added stress is not worth it.

Listen to your body. If you listen hard enough it will tell you everything you need too know.