Marble Smoothie Bowls with Wildblend

The Ultimate foodie Hack.

Zoe, the founder of Wildblend an online paleo health blog took us into her kitchen and showed us the secret behind her AMAZING Marble Smoothie Bowls.

This technique is surprisingly easy and is a great way to WOW your Friends.

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It’s finally spring time here in Australia YAY 🙌🏻 And I’m welcoming spring with these fruity raspberry and blackberry nice cream bowls 🌿 The 1st also marks the beginning of sugar free September that I’ll be doing all September together with the @thesugarfreebox ✨ Watch this space for instructions how you can be part of #sugarfreeseptember and win a @thesugarfreebox for yourself! x
Monday’s aren’t so bad after all when you can eat THIS!! Starting the new week with pink heart swirls and a turmeric mango smoothie bowl 💕 and lots of gratitude. I had a looong Skype chat with my mum in Europe last night and she was super supportive and loving. Don’t know what I would do without you mumsie 😘 Happy Monday everyone!!
Currently want to dunk my face into these smoothie bowls cause all we can find to eat here in Vanuatu are potatoes, rice, rotis and more potatoes. I’m suffering from serious carb belly and miss fresh broccoli, salads and smoothies 🌿 I shouldn’t complain though cause everything else has been pretty darn perfect so far! We visited Matevulu Bluehole today and will go on a Millennium Cave tour tomorrow. Sending very relaxing island vibes your way xx 🌴🐟👙
You can never have enough smoothie bowls! Am I right? Which one would you pick? 💚💛💜I just had the best weekend with my partner in crime. Everything went slightly wrong but we still had a blast camping, rock clmbing and swimming. We got hit by rocks, had a big fall and it started raining in the middle of the night but I’m so grateful to have found someone who is willing to grow, play, laugh and adventure with me no matter what. 👫
Brightening up this gloomy Thursday with colourful green smoothie swirls. I achieved the marble effect with @luzalmond natural almond yoghurt. If you want to learn how to create the marble smoothie effect check out my Snapchat for the next 24h (👻 wildblend). You’ll see how I did it (Spoiler: It’s easier than you might think) 💚 Smoothie ingredients: frozen banana, 1/2 avocado, kale, water, 1 Tbsp linseeds. Smoothie swirls: Dairy free, Vegan friendly @luzalmond yoghurt #smoothieswirl